Smo Arena Fighter game

Game description

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Weapons are your only friends when you’re inside the arena. Send the opponents flying through the air as you accessorise them with lead.

These little critters are quite resilient to gun fire. The only way to win your matches is to blast your opponents over the edge into the void.

There are tons of different weapons to choose from, you can customize your character and you can even build your very own arena.

Game controls:
The screen will remain white for some time when the game is loading.Blast the opposition over the edge to make a score, you can’t kill your opponent with gunfire.Play the Gauntlet battles to gain coins so you can buy weapons.Purchased pistols can be selected at the beginning of a match. SMGs and other heavy weaponry can not be selected, but will be dropped in crates during skirmish levels if you have bought them.Use A and D to move left and right.W to jump and S to drop one plane.Press G to fire your gun and H to throw a grenade. Hold H down longer to give extra power.Second player uses the arrow keys to move, Numpad 4 to shoot and Numpad 5 to throw a grenade.