Guys Revenge game

Game description

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Guy is back for an all new adventure!

Game controls:
The basic controls are simple: mouse moves and clicking shootsNow the hard part: specialsBasically, you get one special out at a time (you current one is displayed in the lower right corner next to your score) and you switch it using Q W and E. What special comes out when you hit those keys is decided by you at the beginning of the level. How, once you have a special armed you hit D to actually use it. In other words if I assigned bombs to W then I would hit W to switch to it and then hitting D would use a bomb.That may sound like a complex system but really it isn?t, and after some time you?ll get used to it and thankful that it comes in so handy.S also turns around (helpful in some cases) and P pauses (helpful in other cases).Other then that, just remember to kill everything that isn?t either a blue-bug-of-extra-lives or a floating ammo/health rock (they should be obvious that they aren?t enemies).