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Future Worm is a series all about science, since it's characters travel through time in each episode, so it is only natural that right now you get to play an online game based on this series which involves science. While some of you might think that science is boring, or that it is too complicated for you children, have no worries, because this game makes science really fun, and you will not have even one boring moment, trust us on that! We are now going to go into more detail about how the game called Future Worm Science Crafter, so keep reading and then start the game! You are going to drag items from the bottom draw into the crafting screen on the center. For example, you will start by combining a Tool and a Soda Can. You then click on plus, and another item is made up of the two, for which you get coins. Use your coins to get more items, which you can then mix together, to create even more. From the shop you can get new items to your lists. The possibilities are endless, and you won't get bored even for one second, so we invite you to start crafting things right now, and have an awesome time!

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