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Game description

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Stop upgrading and start Degrading! This game has a very unique mechanic to it. Instead of your character getting stronger and better, YOU have to get better at the game. Why? Because your character degrading throughout the game! Start off with some intense guns after crash landing on an alien planet. After all enemies are dead.. BOOM a Blast of Light! When you wake up, your most used weapon has been degraded! Will you be able to survive the next wave of enemies? Luckily after you beat a world you gain your weapons back plus some more! With 50 weapons, 70 levels, and a survival mode where you trade weapons for health, this game provides hours of fun and challenging gameplay. How long can you survive on your own? Good luck!

Game controls:
Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move. Aim with your mouse . HOLD down the mouse button to shoot. Kill all of the enemies to progress to the next level. Once you beat a world, you'll gain more weapons to play with. If you go to survival mode you can sell your upgrades for more health